Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hero Factory 3.0: Stormer, Rocka, Nex, and Furno

Let's start with Stormer. I'm just going to say right now I love his helmet! On his non-weapon arm, i looks like he has a ne shoulder armor. He too has the transparent green armor piece showing his animal theme which I think is a rhino or something. Stormer is probably one of my favorite heroes of the 3.0s. He has 31 pieces. Rocka is very unique because he has gold armor. His theme is a lion. His helmet isn't my favorite but I don't hate it. Again, he has a claw weapon but waht is very unique about this set is the white hero core and gray iron man head. He has 30 pieces. Nex is another very, very cool set. Still, mostly the same colors from the 2.0 sets but now has grey instead of white in his color scheme. It looks like he has pretty much the same weapon as Rocka. His helmet is another on that I really like. I believe his animal theme is a Saber-Tooth Tiger or something. The colors on him go well together. He has 29 pieces I think. Furno 3.0 is a bit different from the other heroes in this set because he doesn't have a claw weapon. His animal theme is, I believe, an eagle. Good color scheme but tha lack of armor on his thighs is a bit annoying. Maybe it looks better without the armor but I'll have to wait to get the set to see. Very cool looking helmet from the side but since I haven't seen a shot from the front, I can't say if I like it. Furno is another set on my favorite list. I think he has about 28 or 29 pieces. Now we can look at the new canisters. If these are pretty much what they're going to look like, I'm very happy. I like the lime green lid. The Hero Factroy simbol on theright side of them changes color on each hero. The pictures are good. Again it show that we will have codes for the Hero Pad. Tell me what you guys think. Next I'll cover the 3 villains, Waspix, Raw-Jaw, and Fangz.

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